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2024 Courses

At AI for Global Goals, we aim to provide our global participants with best-in-class training on a broad range of advanced topics and developments in machine learning (ML) -- including deep learning (DL).

Building on four successful years of previous programs, our 2024 initiative will delve into some of the most vital and emerging themes in ML and DL, areas of significant interest within the research community. These encompass statistical and probabilistic ML, representation learning, reinforcement learning, causal inference, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), geometrical DL, and more. We are excited to explore their diverse applications in the context of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The 2024 program comprises several specialized schools, each aimed at providing participants with in-depth knowledge and skills. These schools include MLx Fundamentals, MLx Products, MLx Representation Learning & Generative AI, and MLx Health & Bio. Join us in this intellectual journey as we equip you with the insights and expertise necessary to contribute meaningfully to scientific discourse in the fields of ML and DL.

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