Oxford Machine Learning Summer Schools (OxML) is our main signature event that aims to provide the participants with best-in-class training on a broad range of advanced topics and developments in machine learning (ML) — including, deep learning. While the school covers the key topics in domains such as Bayesian ML, Computer Vision, NLP and reinforcement learning (as well as areas such as Causal ML, Topological ML, and Transfer Learning that the field is showing a growing interest in).


The first OxML summer school was organised by AI for Global Goals and in partnership with CIFAR, Oxford Deep Medicine program and Oxford Said Business School (17-25 Aug, 2020) hosting 350+ AI talents from 70 countries. OxML 2020 had a special focus on medicine (SDG #3), through a range of applied talks at the interface of machine learning and healthcare/biomedical sciences (e.g., medical imaging, genetics, drug discovery, and learning from multi-modal medical data).